Just In time For Christmas: LIFEFORM3D.com Launches Patented New Product Made In USA That Will Forever Change The Relationship You Have With Your Favorite Photo Memories

Orange County, CA – October 13, 2011 – Online Retailer LIFEFORM3D.com Introduces Game Changer In The Photo Gift Market:  Customers Customize Their Orders Online And In 3-4 Weeks Their  Favorite Memories Are Hand-Sculpted Into A Unique Work-Of-Art With Physical Dimension

LIFEFORM3D products began as an exploration by inventor and founder Travis Mahoney of how to make traditional pictures more life-like and engaging.  The result is a patented new material called PhotoSculpt- a canvas-like material that can be sculpted with a physical dimension much like clay.  Customers go online to LIFEFORM3D.com and choose from the available sizes and options, then send their digital photos via email.  Each unique image is carefully sculpted by trained artisans, framed, and permanently hardened with a physical dimension the customer can actually feel.  Customer testimonials confirm it can be quite a touching and memorable experience:

“I can’t stop looking at it thinking my cat is going to jump out of the picture frame! I would definitely love to do this again with some of my other pets.” – Emily H., Tustin, CA

“We just flipped!  Thank you for adding an element of joy to our daily lives.  This picture is surely one of our greatest treasures!” – Caryn G., Orange, CA

“I wanted to thank you again for the Lifeform photo you did for my girlfriend's father…he was blown away! It was for his 78th birthday, and he cried when he realized it was his dog, not just any dog but his dog. Thanks for making his birthday one he will remember for a long time to come.” – Bob A., Orange, CA

"You made a picture of my mother. I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart. It looks great. It is very neat!!! I would love to spread the word on this!  You did a great job and thanks again.” - Jeniffer S, Soldotna, AK

“It looks so real and life-like!  Her eyes are so penetrating and all seeing!” - Charlotte, Irvine, CA

LIFEFORM3D is a manufacturer based in Orange County, California ...

comprised of a talented group of artists, designers, and fabricators who share a common passion for developing products, services, and solutions which evoke enriching and memorable experiences. Visit them online at www.lifeform3d.com.